Massive coin collection

One of the really wonderful things about coin collecting is that behind every coin is a story. Coins are art, coins are instruments of commerce, but above all, coins are history. I was fortunate enough to be a part of one such beautiful story narrated by Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh and his son Aaditya Pratap Singh . I visited Raipur recently to visit a friend of mine and was stunned to see his father’s massive coin collection. I truly learned a lot from the exhibition and thought of sharing my views about the same .

Digging deep, literally, to explore coin collecting before the United States ever struck its own coins, it’s possible to find reports of archaeological digs that have uncovered stashes of ancient coins in which every coin was unique. While there is no way to prove these were ancient coin collections, they certainly could have been. In any case, the history of coin collecting didn’t begin with American coins solely; a few coin collectors are present in India as well . One such coin collector is Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh who has a collection of over 700 years . He shared a lot of details about his collection and interests which really left me startled.

Sharing a bried about the same he told me,” With the fall of the rule of Maurayans in India and with the rise of the Guptas, various tribal republics emerged in some parts of Punjab. They issued numerous coins and most of them were minted in copper. The design and the motif of the Yaudheya coins were influenced by the coins of the Kushans and they followed the weight of the Indo-bacterian rulers. Some other tribal republics of Punjab were the Audumbara and the Kunida.”

Nothing has been lost on numismatics over time. People still covet and study rare, ancient and very valuable coins. However, affordable and new coins can also excite collectors. The modern hobby has evolved to become more accessible, popular and trustworthy. Even in this digital age when people spend fewer coins than they used to, collecting coins remains popular.

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