How to style basics in summers

Asmita Arora - Bold and Sassy

As with relationships, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be complicated. So while we’re all about picking and choosing the season’s biggest trends to try, it’s the basics that should take priority. Each of our summertime pursuits requires something different of our wardrobes — but, let’s not forget how sweltering May and June can be. Your summer closet needs to maximize adaptability and minimize perspiration so it’s always better to stick to BASICS .

Well fitted black top and blue jeans

I think we can all agree that a black top and blue denim is pretty much every woman’s go-to look. In any photo from a girls’ night out, nearly every girl is seen donning the popular ensemble.

Oversized denim jacket and shorts

An oversized denim jacket serves as the quintessential season-to-season transition piece. This lightweight layer offers a fresh spin on an old summer classic, and can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece. I think it looks super casual yet sexy with a pair of shorts .

Crop top and a simple pair of leggings

As basic as it can get . Right? No clothing item seems quite as pervasive these days as a good pair of leggings. They seem to have become not just the go-to for a trip to the gym, but for a coffee run and even a long flight. But come summer, we’ve all faced the tough dilemma: Can we pull them off when it’s scorching outside? Oh yesss!!! Just pair a well fitted pair of leggings with a crop top and you are good to go !


Asmita Arora poses with Adidas Origionals
Asmita Arora looks cute in pink top and denim top with denim jacket